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Let’s contribute to the environment by MAKING A SWITCH!! - Barista Supplies

Let’s contribute to the environment by MAKING A SWITCH!!

Do you want to contribute to protecting and saving our environment by preventing pollution?

BARISTA SUPPLIES has got you covered!!

During our waste reviews, disposable espresso cups are a steady supporter of the landfill stream. They regularly sum up more than 20% of landfill squander, an upsetting figure and one that can be essentially brought down with a little work. Since dispensable espresso cups are a complicated blend of plastic and paper they are hard to reuse and thusly shipped off landfills (and debase reusing streams). Another component that we don't frequently consider with dispensable things is the assets that go into their creation. While contrasting expendable cups with reusable cups, we additionally need to consider the materials used, and the energy that goes into assembling and shipping cups to the store (and to the landfill). A reusable cup will have higher assets and energy use than an expendable cup. However, after various purposes (30 for KeepCups), they arrive at an equal initial investment with disposables. After this point, each time you utilize your cup, you're establishing an advantage to the environment.

The Ocean Plastic Crisis Greenpeace International

By using reusable coffee cups, we are causing fewer disposable cups to be produced, lowering the number of cups sent to landfills, and saving the energy and resources that would otherwise be consumed. So let’s bring a change now!! Check out the wide range of Reusable cups we offer!

#1 Fressko

#2 Keep Cup

Keep Cup

#3 Sttoke

Sttoke reusable cups

While it can be a challenge, do you feel you can shake the habit of using disposable coffee cups? Think about what you need to do to make a reusable cup work for you. Once you’ve made the switch, think about other areas you can avoid disposables (buy a nice drink bottle) and how you can help and motivate others to kick their (disposable) habit. (You could gift someone a reusable cup to get them started.)

We hope this short resource can be a guide to help grow and cultivate the love for coffee. For more information about coffee gear and brewing guides check out more of our resources here. Also, don't forget to check out the wide range of REUSABLE CUPS here.

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