G.A.T Coffee Makers

G.A.T Coffee Makers

Since 1986, G.A.T. brings the culture of espresso all around the world, telling its story and showing its products design.

Coffee makers made of stainless steel, aluminum, electric espresso machines, but also patented adapters for the fully compostable paper pods use: the G.A.T.’s production has focused on innovation as well as to the environment and eco-sustainability.

Between science and art, G.A.T. has made the “Italian espresso coffee tradition” its goal, though its production of coffee-makers and related accessories with a unique design and functionality, such as milk frother, jugs and coffee sets.

Tradition and innovation are the engine that, from the headquarters in Cazzago San Martino, in the province of Brescia, moves the team towards constant renewal aimed at maintaining high quality standards and in the meanwhile satisfying all the market needs of coffee lovers.

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