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Milk Jugs

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Green Earth 600ml Milk Jug - Barista Supplies
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Cafelat 750ml Latte Art Milk Jug - Barista Supplies
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Milk Jugs

An essential part of any espresso set-up at a commercial establishment or at home, milk jugs are used to steam and froth milk. The finest range of stainless steel milk jugs at Barista Supplies have all the features that make them an ideal, great-value coffee accessory.

These milk jugs are designed with absolutely amazing spouts, comfortable handles for ease-of-use, the milk jugs are made from thick stainless steel to give them a heavy and robust finish which display a spotless finish with no ugly spot welds.

Become a latte art master with ease or a master of texturing milk utilising the milk jugs collection from the finest names in the industry, such as Barista Progear, Cafelat, and Jibbi + many more. The milk pitchers are perfectly crafted to the minutest of details to ensure efficient usage for baristas. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colour options, you can find the most specific item here that fits your requirement impeccably, all within your budget.

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