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Coffee Community Championships

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Coffee Community Championships

The Community Coffee Champs are the preliminary competitions leading up to the Australian Coffee Championships (ACC). We’re taking the Barista, Brewers and Latte Art Championships on the road and popping up across all major regions of Australia.

Coffee contests can be a bit scary, right? Well, not anymore! Picture this: a level playing field where you step up to the bench supplied with some of the best coffee equipment around, brew your magic, and impress the judges like regular customers. 

This new format isn’t actually new at all, it’s a play on the principles that inspired the first World Barista Championship. These competitions were designed to mimic a real café setting, where the competitor plays the role of the barista behind the counter and the judges play the discerning customers. We’re throwing a competition where competitors from all backgrounds are welcomed with open arms, and given an equal opportunity to move forward to the Australian Coffee Championships (ACC).

We have complied all the Coffee Community Championships Official Products in the one place to make it easier for you to find. 

If you are looking to compete you have come to the right place to shop all the offical coffee gear to start practicing! 

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