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Caffe Assist - Automatic Milk Steamer - Barista Supplies

Caffe Assist - Automatic Milk Steamer

Bringing the Industry’s Latest Innovation

The New Industry Trend - Automatic Milk Steamer

Steaming milk has always been an integral part of making good quality coffee. With its detrimental impact on the quality of the cup, innovators have constantly challenged and pursued the creation of better tools for achieving better results. Through these efforts industry experts have devised numerous new methods that far surpass the traditional ‘Hand-on’ steaming method. Inventions such as the ‘stick-on’ thermometer and the milk steamer thermometer became the industry standard. Despite providing better accuracy and consistency, innovations such as the ‘stick-on’ thermometer and the digital thermometers were still unable to provide the level of excellence that baristas needed. In meeting this demand, baristas realised that automation may be the key in raising the standards. Based on this trend, the demand for auto milk steamers began. With a sole focus on improving the efficiency and accuracy for the everyday barista, this invention taken the industry by storm. Caffe Assist Milk Steamer                              

Caffé Assist – Achieving Maximum Efficiency and Accuracy   

The Caffé Assist is an automated milk steamer that every barista needs. Conceived and engineered by the influential Bill Purton, the machine was uniquely tailored to cater the needs of baristas. Having had an experience waiting for more than 25 minutes queuing for a cup, Bill personally understood the frustration that poor milk steaming may cause for both barista and consumer. While emphasising on providing better efficiency and effectivity, there are 4 main benefits that set the Caffé Assist apart from others:
  1. Labour Efficiency – With an easy-to-use interface and its ability to constantly monitor the profile and temperature of the milk throughout the process, the machine helps to substantially cut labour costs.
  2. Compatibility and Consistency – The Caffé Assist is uniquely designed to suit all kinds of milk variants allowing it to provide the same outcome every time.
  3. Self-cleaning – The Caffe Assist is equipped with self-cleaning which helps stop milk residue and increases efficiency
  4. Environmentally friendly – Without using any kinds of harmful substances, the Caffé Assist provides an eco-friendly, but efficient solution for baristas.
With its ability to be self-efficient while providing perfect consistency and accuracy, Café Assist is a tool that gives a competitive edge within the industry. Perfectly suitable for industrial usage, the café assist is a must have for any café looking to elevate their quality to another level. While in that note, have a quick skim to our ‘café check list’ to make sure your café is all set up for success. Get the complete Café Assist Kit below and Contact us for more information through Here. [porto_product_category title="Caffe Assist " view="products-slider" category="399"]

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