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Coffeevac - The Best Way to Store Coffee Beans

Coffeevac - The Best Way to Store Coffee Beans - Barista Supplies

CoffeeVac – The Best Way to Store Coffee Beans

One of the most common asked questions within the industry is ‘What is the best way to store coffee beans?’ To understand the fundamentals of coffee storage, reviewing the theories behind proper coffee storage is essential.

Basics CoffeeVac

Back to Basics - What Makes a Good Coffee Storage?

There are 5 major factors that significantly impact the integrity of the coffee beans. These factors include:
  1. Heat
  2. Moisture
  3. Light
  4. Air
  5. Carbon Dioxide
To maintain the essential aromas and oils  that is contained within the beans, it is essential to reduce its exposure to the 4 factors above. While air has the most significant impact on the coffee beans through its ability to hasten oxidation, heat and moisture have been also proven to degrade the quality of the coffee. While having the least impact, prolonged exposure to harsh light may cause degradation of the flavour and aroma of the coffee. Contrary to the other 4 factors, prolonged exposure to carbon dioxide is essential for ensuring better quality of the coffee. Carbon dioxide is a natural gas that is produced by the beans after it undergoes the roasting process. In this context, carbon dioxide acts like a natural coating which protects the coffee from oxidation. Thus, the challenge that is related to carbon dioxide revolves around the prevention of significant loss of carbon dioxide during storage.

CoffeeVac Coffee StorageCoffeeVac - Revolutionary Coffee Storage

The CoffeeVac is a vacuum sealed storage solution which provides the perfect solution which tackles all the previously mentioned conditions. Traditionally, coffee storage solutions do not have the ability to maintain the integrity of the coffee after opening the package due to oxidation. Through the vacuum seal technology offered, CoffeeVac has the capacity to ensure that the coffee is complete cut off from further oxidation once sealed.

Alongside reducing the exposure to oxygen, the opaque material and secure seal ensure that there is little to no exposure of heat, light, and moisture. To prevent excessive loss to carbon dioxide, Coffeevac is equipped with a 2-way valve designed alongside its vacuum seal. The valve enables constant and insignificant release of carbon dioxide without allowing the beans to be exposed to oxygen.

Through its ability to combat the 5 elements which significantly impact the integrity of the coffee, Coffeevac is the perfect solution for your coffee storage problems.

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If your a café owner looking wondering what other things you would need, check out our 'cafe set-up' checklist to get everything you need.

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