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Barista Supplies Cafe Setup Checklist - Barista Supplies

Barista Supplies Cafe Setup Checklist

Are you thinking of setting up a new coffee shop or café?

There is lots to think about when setting up a new coffee business, every dollar counts and it’s best to do your research and not spend unnecessary money. We frequently get asked, what equipment do I need to start a coffee shop? And What tools does a Barista need?
To make it easier we have compiled a check list to make it easy for you get setup in no time. The list provided below includes information regarding the ‘Coffee Setup’ and is to be used a guide. You will still require the fit out, benches, refrigeration and other cooking equipment depending on your specific needs.
When deciding on your coffee machine, coffee grinder and barista tools; the two things you need to consider are:
  1. Your projected volume (how much coffee you think you will be selling per week)
  2. Your Workflow (work bench setup)
Forecasting your coffee volume will help you choose the most suited coffee machine without over spending. It is always best to get professional advice before purchasing a coffee machine. Understanding and planning your workflow will also assist you in selecting the right tools to make coffee more efficiently.

Equipment you will need

Coffee Machine
Coffee Machine
Things to look for when selecting a coffee machine: • 2, 3 or 4 Group - Depending on projected volume • Machine Size – Check dimensions to ensure it will fit on your bench • Power – Check machine’s power requirements to ensure your power board is sufficient
Coffee Grinder
Coffee Grinder
Things to look for when selecting a coffee grinder: • Grinder capacity • Dose and particle size consistency • Grind on demand speed • Grind adjustment ease of use

Barista tools you will need

Milk Jugs Milk Jugs
400ml = 1 cup/ 8oz 600ml = 1 Mug/12 oz or 2 Cups 950ml = 2 Mugs/12 oz or 3 Cups Working with a smaller jug is great as there will be less wastage. The Barista Progear milk jugs have measurements on the inside to take out the guess work in how much milk is needed.
Barista Essentials Coffee Tamper
Coffee Tamper
First check the base size required. You can check our Tamper size chart Here or measure your filter basket. Get the size as close to the basket size as you can. A perfect fit tamper will achieve a better result.
Barista Progear Milk Thermometer Milk Thermometer
Analog thermometers are a great tool. Serving milk at the correct temperature is vital to preparing a great tasting coffee.
Temptag Australia Temptags
An Australian made thermometer sticker. Simply stick it on to your milk jugs and the Temptag will display the milk temperature as you steam the milk.
Coffee Tamping Mat Tamping Mat
Tamping mats are perfect for protecting your bench top when tamping. The Barista Progear mats feature a tamper holder to keep your coffee tamper safe when not in use and also a portafilter cut-out to help you keep the portafilter straight and tamp level.
Chocolate Shaker Chocolate Shakers
Used to dust your cappuccinos, hot chocolates and other delicious beverages.
Espresso Measure Glass Espresso Measure Glass
An essential tool to ensure your coffee machine is extracting consistent volume of espresso. The espresso measure glass is also great to view and evaluate your espresso crema.
Digital Coffee Timer Digital Timer
If your coffee machine does not have a built in timer, this highly visible timer will assist you in preparing consistent espresso shots.
Coffee Scale Scale
A scale is an essential for dosing coffee in your portafilter and for measuring your yield. Be sure to use a scale that has 0.1g accuracy.
Coffee Dosing Cup Dosing Cup
Dosing cups are used to transfer ground coffee from your grinder to your portafilter without any mess or coffee wastage.
Coffee Storage Coffee Storage
Storing your coffee an an airtight container will keep your coffee fresh for longer. When coffee is exposed to air it will slowly start to go stale and lose flavour.
Barista Plastic Bottle Plastic Squeeze Bottle
The Plastic Squeeze Bottles are used for preparing a Hot Chocolate sauce. Having a hot chocolate sauce ready will make preparing beverages more efficient.
Coffee Knock Box Knock Bin or Knock Chute
Knock Bins are used for depositing the coffee puck after use. Depending on the space available a Knock Chute is also a great option as it can be installed into a bench and save floor space.
Milk Jug Rinser Milk Jug Rinser
An essential for your coffee setup. Milk jug rinsers efficiently rinse milk jugs and vessels between use, saving time running to the sink.

Cleaning & maintenance products you will need

It is very important to regularly clean and maintain your coffee machine. Regular cleaning will not only prolong your coffee machine but also produce better tasting coffee.

Coffee Water Filter Water Filter
Select a water filter based on the water quality in your area.
Espresso Machine Cleaner Espresso Machine Cleaner
Espresso Machine cleaner should be used daily to clean your coffee machine's group head. Be sure to run a few espresso shots after cleaning to season your group head and remove any cleaning residue.
Coffee Grinder Cleaner Grinder Cleaner
Regularly cleaning your grinder is great to remove any build up coffee oils and clumps of coffee grinds. Grinder cleaner is recommended to be used monthly and grinder burrs are generally replaced annually.
Blind Filter Stainless Steel Blind Filter
Used with the Espresso Machine Cleaner. Simply place in your portafilter instead of your filter basket and add a scoop of machine cleaning powder
Coffee Grinder Brush Grinder Brush
Simple brush designed to clean the coffee grinder burrs and coffee grinds from your work area.
Coffee Group Head Brush Group Head Brush
An essential brush used to clean the coffee machine shower screen and group seal. This brush is used very often throughout the day. Cleaning the shower screen and seal will prolong the life of your machine and help produce a cleaner tasting coffee.
Barista Cloths Cleaning Cloths
Cloth pack colour coordinated to avoid cross contamination. One cloth for cleaning the portafilter basket, one cloth for the work bench and two cloths for the steam wands.
Black Cloths Microfiber Cloths
Black Microfiber Cloths perfect for general cleaning.
Spray Sanitiser Spray & Wipe Sanitiser
Keep your coffee area clean and sparkling at all times.

Optional Extras

  • Water Pump – If operating mobile or without water mains
  • Precision Laser Cut Baskets – improves coffee extractions and consistency
  • Dosing Funnel – ensures accurate dosing without wastage
  • Distribution Tool – assists in consistent coffee distribution
  • Automatic Tamper – perfect for high volume stores to improve consistency

Coffee Cups & Glasses

  • Espresso Cups
  • 200-220ml Cups (perfect for cappuccinos & flat whites)
  • 330ml Mugs
  • 90ml Glasses (perfect for espressos or piccolos)
  • 220ml Glass (perfect for lattes)
  • Teaspoons

If you have any questions regarding our products or require any assistance do not hesitate to contact us. One of our friendly team members can guide you through the list to ensure you select all the right coffee tools and accessories to get you setup.

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