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Tamper Size Chart

Tamper Size Chart - Barista Supplies

It is important you use the correct size tamper for the perfect tamp. Covering as much of the coffee as possible while tamping reduces mass channelling. It is best to use a set of vernier calipers or measuring tape to measure distance inside the filter basket directly across the center (the diameter).

We have listed the most popular coffee machine brands below with the tamper base size required for your reference. When you have found the size you are after, browse through our extensive selection of hand tampers here.


  • Delonghi (old)
  • Krups
  • La Pavoni Lever (pre 2000)
  • La Pavoni Europiccola
  • Olympia Express


  • Bodum Granos
  • Delonghi Bar32/Bar42/BCO264b
  • La Pavoni Lever (Millenium New Lever)
  • Sunbeam Standard (Cafe Series is 58mm)


  • Estro
  • Faema Family
  • Francis! Francis! X 1 (old) 52mm or 53mm
  • La Pavoni Lusso, Pisa, Si
  • Saeco
  • San Marco 53mm or 54mm
  • Solis 53mm or 52mm
  • Spaziale
  • Starbucks (Barista) 53mm or 52mm


  • Mokita
  • San Marco


  • Astra
  • Aurora
  • Francis!/Franis X 1 (New)
  • La Pavoni
  • Reneka
  • Unic


  • Ascaso
  • Cimbali
  • Innova
  • La Pavoni Duet, Club, Napolitana


  • Astoria
  • Azykoyen
  • Bazzera
  • Brazilia
  • Bunn
  • Caramali
  • Conti
  • ECM
  • ECM Giotto/Celline
  • ECM Botticelli
  • Elektra
  • Expobar
  • Faema
  • Fiorenzato
  • Futurmat
  • Gaggia
  • Grimac
  • Isomac
  • La Marzocco
  • La Scala
  • Nuova Simonelli
  • Pasquini
  • Pasquini Livia
  • Quickmil
  • Rancillio
  • VFA
  • Wega


  • VST


  • Synesso
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