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Joe Frex Technic Calibrated Coffee Tamper

Joe Frex Technic Calibrated Coffee Tamper - Barista Supplies

A coffee tamper is used to compress the coffee grounds into the portafilter basket. To effectively tamp coffee, it is important the coffee is evenly distributed across the basket - this will assist in executing a level tamp. Avoid tamping on an angle, keep the coffee tamper as straight as possible and apply an even pressure when pressing down (not thumb heavy or top heavy).

One of the variables when preparing espresso is tamping pressure. Most calibrated tampers available are pre-set to either 10kg (22lbs) or 15kg (33lbs) pressure and tamping with a stationary tamper can vary with each attempt.

Jörg F. Rexroth founder and director of Joe Frex & Concept Art set out to develop a tamper to assist in the consistency in tampingpressure. The result is the sophisticated Technic tamper that allows you to perfectly set and control the maximal pressure required.

The meticulously engineered pressure limiter can be calibrated within a range of 8 kg to 21 kg (18 lbs to 46 lbs) by adjusting the central screw inside the handle’s core. The dynamometric tamper will automatically trigger a click-release once the selected pressure is reached like a torque.

The handle with its screw-on cap consists of aluminium, the pressure-sensitive device inside is manufactured with stainless steel. The Technic Tamper handle is available in 4 colours – Silver, Black, Red and Aubergine.

What also separates this unique tamper from the other tampers on the market is it is compatible with the vast range of Joe Frex bases.

The stainless steel bases are available in 4 styles : Flat, Convex, Knock, Knock-Convex and in a great range of sizes from 49mm to 58.5 mm. This means whether you have a domestic or commercial espresso machine there is a base size to match.

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