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What is Temptag?

What is Temptag? - Barista Supplies

What is Temptag?

The Temptag Pro is the next generation of milk temperature control. Designed to assist baristas in achieving perfect milk temperature every time. The Temptag Pro instantly reacts to the milk temperature and reveals the temperature with a highly visible indicator to make steaming milk at different temperatures effortless.

Sounds interesting, do they work?

Great question! Let’s dive in and get a better understanding of what Temptag is about.

Temptag was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2009. After having too many burnt coffees and hearing the milk screaming for help, it was time to step in and intervene.

What about milk thermometers? Baristas have been using them for years! Yes, the traditional milk thermometers are a great tool, however we found a few problems through our research:

  • The delay in the reading
    To achieve 65°C on a traditional thermometer the steamer needs to be shut off at around 50°C
  • Calibration
    Thermometers need to calibrated regularly, also if they are knocked or dropped this can affect the accuracy of the reading
  • Cost
    We found thermometers were being thrown away and replaced due to the time and effort required to re-calibrate
  • Hygiene
    With so many alternative milks being used it is critical that the milk thermometer stem is cleaned appropriately before placing in the milk jug to avoid cross contamination

Then we got to thinking. What if we could create a sticker that sticks to the milk jug and made is easy for the barista to see when the milk was at the correct serving temperature? The goal was to make it as easy and efficient as possible for the barista to see the milk temperature without any milk contact. Then the idea of Temptag was born.

After lots of prototypes and testing and of course coffees the first Temptag sticker was created. Now known as the Temptag Classic, the first Temptag sticker instantly reveals a bright yellow window that reacts to the milk temperature and indicates the milk is 65°C.

Temptag Packs

Temptag vs Traditional Thermometer


Traditional Thermometer
Milk Thermometer

TemptagTemptag Milk Thermomete
Delay X  Lag in reading   Instant reaction
Calibration Required regularly  Not required
Hygiene X  Required cleaning to avoid cross contamination   No direct contact with milk

The next objective was to create a sticker able to indicate different temperatures to cater for warm milk. It also had to show extra hot so the milk won’t be served once it has stretched beyond 70°C.

The Temptag Tri was created; three windows with 3 different temperatures. The first window reacts at 58 degrees revealing a (-) minus symbol; ideal those that prefer their coffee on the warmer side. The middle window reacts at 65 degrees revealing a (√) tick symbol; ideal milk temperature. Great for both full cream and reduced fat milks. The last window is set at 70 degrees revealing a (x) cross symbol; this helps identify when milk is over heated, or for those that prefer an extra hot coffee.

After a great response from the Temptag Tri and growing demand for precision in coffee preparation, it was back to the drawing board to take the Temptag to the next level.

Temptag Pro

The Answer: The Temptag Pro.

The Temptag Pro carries the same technology as the Classic and Tri and has an updated design making it highly visible. The windows react at 3 temperatures with the temperature indicated to make it more visible and efficient to use without disrupting work flow. The easy to read sticker makes steaming milk effortless and consistent.

The first window reacts at 55°C revealing a yellow window, the second window reacts at 65°C with a green window and third window reacts at 70°C with a red window. This makes it easier for baristas to keep up with steaming different milk types at different temperatures.

So to answer the first question; do they work?

Yes, they definitely do work and they are far from a gimmick. With a track record of over 10 years and tens of thousands of Temptags sold in over 10 countries and counting. The great response and feedback we receive daily from baristas is overwhelming and humbling.


The consistency of milk temperature actually plays a huge part in how coffee tastes. Not only can it burn your tongue, but temperature also affects mouthfeel (how the coffee tastes and feels in your mouth as you drink it) as well as our ability to perceive sweetness and the unique flavour characteristics of each coffee.



In 2018 Temptag was officially certified as an Australian Made product by the Australian Made Campaign and the products now carry the Australian Made logo. This logo represents that the products have been designed and manufactured in Australia.

Temptags are high quality thermometers that are easy to read, clean and have great accuracy.

Temptag is more than just a sticker, everything we do supports coffee lovers to get the best out of their coffee – simply, every day, all over the world. We are dedicated to consistency, hygiene, accuracy and creativity.

Temptag Australia


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