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Shenzhen Digitizing Fluid Technology (DiFluid) offers precision instruments used for measuring the refractive index of liquids. Refractive index is a fundamental property of liquids that describes how much light bends or refracts when passing through them, and it is commonly used to determine the concentration or composition of liquids in various applications.

DiFluid's refractometers are designed with high-quality optics, advanced measurement algorithms, and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements.

These refractometers are suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial processes, agriculture, food and beverage production, chemical analysis, and more. They can be used to measure various liquids, such as coffee, fruit juices, oils, chemicals and other liquid samples, allowing for precise and rapid determination of their refractive index and related parameters.

DiFluid's refractometers are built to deliver high performance and durability, backed by the company's expertise in fluid dynamics and commitment to product excellence. They are designed to help enhance fluid control and monitoring capabilities in industries where accurate and reliable refractive index measurements are critical for quality control, research and process optimization.

With their innovative features and reliable performance, DiFluid's refractometers are trusted by professionals in various industries for their precision and quality.

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