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Team Barista Supplies - Global Barista Challenge 2020

Team Barista Supplies - Global Barista Challenge 2020 - Barista Supplies

The Global Barista Challenge is hosted by Cafe Culture magazine will be held at Sweet Stock in Melbourne on the 28th & 29th of March 2020. This specialty coffee competition is different to any other competition you have seen before Taking place over two days at Sweet Stock, Melbourne, 12 teams of 4 baristas will battle it out on stage in the Cafe Culture Global Barista Challenge. Only the best will survive. The challenge is designed to reproduce the pressure of what happens in great espresso bars around the world. Under pressure, baristas must co-operate as a team to deliver the three things that matter to coffee customers; fast service and excellent presentation whilst maintaining quality. It’s a dynamic format that gives the judges, competitors and audience instant results. It’s a colourful and energetic display of talent from some of the world’s best baristas.

We have compiled a team to take to the stage and hopefully take the top spot. Team Barista Supplies includes our very own director Alec Maroush who is no stranger to the coffee scene, with over 20 years’ experience as a barista, consulting and also judging with the Australian Specialty Coffee Association and the Australian International Coffee Awards. Tony Titheridge; Barista Supplies sales team member, long time wine judge and connoisseur. Tony made the shift to specialty coffee and spent a few years on the tools in his own cafe. Gal Alton, a coffee enthusiast who has worked for 8 years and across 3 continents as a barista, trainer, roaster and mentor. Also deeply enjoys Jazz, Chess and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, preferably all at the same time! Kaspar Tammjärv, who has been in specialty coffee for around 4 years. Originally from Estonia then moved to Netherlands to learn more about coffee and now calls Melbourne home. Kaspar is the Dutch 2019 Latte Art Champion and the De Latte & de Zatte 2019 Champion. Keep an eye out for the Barista Supplies team at the Global Barista Challenge 2020.

UPDATE FROM EVENT ORGANISERS Due to the current social impact surrounding the Coronavirus, escalating the effects on international travel for talent and local event participation, the decision has been made to cancel Sweet Stock on the 28th-29th March 2020.

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