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Fressko - Reusable Cups Redefined

Fressko - Reusable Cups Redefined - Barista Supplies

Why should I change to Reusable Coffee Cups? 

Did you know that coffee is one of the main causes of consumer waste produced in Australia? While there are other issues that are involved in the production of coffee, the main issue that we’ll tackle today is the amount of waste caused by disposable coffee cups. Living in a nation that loves and breaths coffee, there’s no question that caffeine has become a much needed essential for the day. In March 2021 a there was a report made by the government that states 'Australians have thrown out more than 2.7 million single-use or disposable coffee cups every single day'. This adds up to 1 billion coffee cups thrown out every year. Considering that on average, a person usually drinks 1 to 2 cup throughout the day, this number may not seem too farfetched. As one of the countries aspiring to be more sustainable for the planet, we’re now faced with the dilemma of choosing to prioritise sustainability or change an integral consumer habit which within society. Thankfully reality is not that black and white. Instead of stopping the consumption of coffee, a viable alternative is to change to reusable cups. Since the main issue is not essentially the coffee production, but the waste that has been when only uising the disposable cups.

Fressko Reusable Coffee Cups

What makes a good reusable cup? 

Finding the perfect reusable cup is the challenging feat. With so many different brands and variations available, the challenge lies in finding the right qualities that suits your coffee habits. Whether its portability, long lasting insulation, or even a modern and slick look, it is essential to find be knowledgeable of all best the products the industry offers. After conducting a research on the different types of features offered within the current market, we've come to a conclusion on the key features to prioritise when finding a reusable cup.

The Qualities of a Perfect Reusable cup:

  1. Portability & Ease of use: Aside from being light, ideally the reusable cup must be safe to touch despite containing hot beverages.
  2. Insulation: The ideal reusable coffee cup should be able to maintain the internal temperature for up to 2 - 3 hours.
  3. Easy to clean: Having a reusable cup which is dish washer safe is ideal to acquire the best ease of cleaning.
  4. Scratch resistant and durable: Everyone can be klutz at times,  greater durability helps you maintain the slick look  despite multiple accidents.
  5. Personal Customisation: To top it all off, some reusable cups in the market are now available for customisation. Aside from making your cup more distinguishable, it’s a fun and meaningful gift for friends who love coffee.

Fressko 12oz Snow White Reusable Cup

Fressko –Redefining Standards    

After conducting research on the latest trends on reusable cups, we’ve concluded that the Fressko Bino reusable cups are one of best products in the market. Aside from being the true modern definition of style meeting sustainability. The iconic Fressko reusable coffee cups are synonymous with its vacuum sealed and double walled insulation which helps to keep drinks warm for more than 2-3 hours. Made from quality stainless steel, it features a scratch-resistant and durable aesthetic suited for any caffeine loving professional. Spill proof and easy to clean, the cup is perfectly dishwasher safe. On top of it all, the Freskko reusable coffee cups are also available for customisation for personal branding and logo. Designed to suit the everyday coffee lover, this line of reusable coffee cups redefines the standard for reusable cups. View Here to find out how our in-house Custom Branding Service. Available for retail and wholesale - Head over to our catalogue Here to view the complete Fressko range.

More of a Keepcup or Sttoke kind of person? We've got you covered - Head over to our catalogue Here to view the full range of reusable cups.

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