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Cafec Brew Masters Melbourne 2023

Cafec Brew Masters Melbourne 2023 - Barista Supplies

Join us for the most exciting pour over coffee competition of the year! Cafec Brew Masters, presented by Barista Supplies

This high-stakes battle of baristas will take place on Friday 8th September at Veneziano Coffee Roasters. 

Prepare to be captivated as talented baristas go head to head, showcasing their expertise and creativity in the art of pour over coffee. Each competitor will be using Cafec brewing gear, the same coffee and the same grinder. So, it will be purely a battle of skill and pour over technique!

We are thrilled to announce that special guest Shigeji Nakatsuka, the Founder and CEO of Cafec Japan, will be attending the event.

With a pool of incredible prizes awaiting the victorious baristas. The ultimate champion will take home the coveted title of "Cafec Brew Master" along with a grand prize of $2,000! But the competition won't be easy—these talented individuals will have to impress a distinguished panel of judges, including industry experts, renowned coffee judges and esteemed members of the specialty coffee community.

Don't miss out on this specialty coffee event that celebrates the artistry and mastery of pour over coffee.

Sponsored by: Barista Supplies, BWT, Macap, Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Disave Equipment Suppliers, Sttoke & Barista Progear.

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Join us for for the most exciting pour over competition of the year. 

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Go head to head in a pour over battle to WIN $2,000!

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