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Are you getting the very best out of the coffee tools and accessories you’re using now? - Barista Supplies

Are you getting the very best out of the coffee tools and accessories you’re using now?

In such a personal industry where even commercial coffee making is a learned art form, many cafés and home users are being let down by the quality of the equipment being used. Your workflow, consistency, and the need to rely on all of the vital tools at your fingertips are paramount. And they are what sets great venues apart from the ordinary, separates organised baristas from the inefficient, and raises the bar for either the beginner or experienced domestic barista at home.

Barista Progear tools are each designed and crafted to be the leading benchmark for what you need to help make your coffee shine. With leading retail packaging that has a striking professional presence, these are products that have an impact well beyond their world class construction. Each features barista collaboration and experience in their design and formation that is often taken for granted but lacking in the industry. The years of experience and the multiple stages of testing and trialling in every product before release is your peace of mind that you’re gaining an asset that will be with you at the top of your game for many years to come.

As official distributor for Barista Progear, the entire Barista Supplies team have the knowledge and expertise to speak to all the products in detail. Here’s a snapshot of what makes these products unique to the industry, using some of our recent new products as examples:

Blue Steam Wand Microfiber ClothBlue Steam Wand Microfiber Cloth

Say goodbye to having to clump layers upon layers of material between your fingers and the hot steam wand. Say hello to high quality construction and thickness. Welcome to the cloth that we say is life changing for the barista steaming milk. One layer held in your hand and the wand and wand tip can be cleaned professionally and seamlessly in one action, speeding up workflow and allowing the barista to move on to the pouring process straight away. Durable and washable for a long time to come, we can’t say how long these cloths last because the first ones we ever sold are still in daily use today. One day, we might eventually know if they have a use by date!

Double Spout Espresso Measure GlassDouble Spout Measure Glass

A valuable range addition complimenting our hugely popular 60ml espresso measure glass. The double spout measure glass captures the double shot of both portafilter spouts and measures volume with the same clearly marked accuracy. The double spout design ensures that shots can be decanted perfectly and cleanly every time. So your next iced latte or other shot decanted drink will have the coffee poured with far greater integration and neatness than ever before.

Coffee Dosing Cup The best 58mm commercial dosing cup on the market. Super lightweight yet stable and compact for speed and handling, with a lasting rubber grip and precision cast rim for application and settling of the coffee grounds. Sized to fit with greater ease under more grinder chutes and to attach to a Mahlkonig EK43 clamp. Used in daily service by competition baristas who value speed, consistency, and ease of use under pressure, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks or cheery customer service.

Dosing Cup Barista Progear If you have any questions regarding our products or require any assistance do not hesitate to contact us. One of our friendly team members can guide you through the list to ensure you select all the right coffee tools and accessories to get you setup.

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